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Template Six, has expiration countdown. Pro — Added — Shortcode for template five. Pro — Added — Shortcode for template six. Pro — Added — Widget styles and structure for template five. Pro — Added — Widget styles and structure for template six. Pro — Added — Option to set color scheme for template five and six. Pro — Fixed — Bug in coupon codes update, discount text and title in template four. Fixed — Bug in coupon preview.

Fixed — Color picker bug in settings page. Pro — Fixed — Copy issue in pop up in mobile browsers. Added — Option to hide coupons once they expire.

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Default is set to Not hide. Added — Option to set color for coupon type background. Added — Search category filter in shortcode inserter. Added — Search coupon filter in shortcode inserter. Added — Search category filter in widget backend. Pro — Added — New template for single coupon, allows three coupon codes in one shortcode. Pro — Added — Pagination for coupons archive. Pro — Added — Pagination for coupons category. Pro — Added — Option to set pagination color. Pro — Fixed — Bug with coupon popup in mobile devices. Pro — Fixed — Click to Copy coupon issue in Safari.

Thanks to Christian Bramer from webwidoo. Thanks to Shreyans Jain for reporting this. Fixed — Little Conflict in Safari browser. Fixed — Coupon copy conflict due to JS minification. Fixed — Some CSS bugs.

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Pro — Added — Option to insert category, archive shortcode from shortcode inserter in post editor. Pro — Added — Horizontal style for both archive and category shortcode using the default template of the single coupon. Pro — Added — Category filter when adding new coupon using the shortcode inserter in post editor. Pro — Added — Category filter and search option when adding widgets. Pro — Fixed — Pop-up display conflict in Safari. Pro — Fixed — Some minor improvents on the back-end.

Added — Option to customize expire text. Added — Option to customize expired text. Added — New expire date format — dd-mm-yyyy. Added — A better way to copy coupon codes. Custom function that works with all browsers. Added — Knowledge base link in settings page. Added — Plugin version number to scripts register to avoid caching issue on plugin update. Fixed — Datepicker issue in Safari. Fixed — Coupon copy issue when same coupon appears twice on a page.

Fixed — jQuery loading issue in widget. Fixed — CSS issue with the coupon code, not laoding correctly on all screen sizes. Updated — Minor CSS improvements. Updated — Plugin is now fully translation ready.

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Deprecated — Clipboard. Js library for coupon copy. It was conflicting on some browsers. Pro — Added — New Colorpicker to customize color of few elements. Pro — Added — Widget templates corresponding to shortcode templates. Whatever template you choose for the shortcode, will work on widgets too. Pro — Added — Two new settings tab in settings page. Hide Coupon settings and Pop-up settings.

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Pro — Added — Functionality to update countdown in preview when date or time is selected. Pro — Added — Option to customize Hidden coupon button text. Pro — Added — Option to customize Hidden coupon button hover text. Pro — Added — Option to customize hidden coupon button color. Pro — Added — Pop-up — copy button text customization option. Pro — Added — Pop-up — after copy button text customization option.

Pro — Added — Pop-up — option to select whether to show description or custom text below the coupon code. Pro — Added — Pop-up — option to change coupon code background color. Pro — Added — Pop-up — option to change copy button background color. Pro — Fixed — CSS issue with coupon pop-up. Pro — Fixed — Issue with multple countdown on same page.

Pro — Fixed — Error while using the free trial. Pro — Updated — Improvement in archive shortcode and category shortcode. Some minor improvements. Added — Support Forum link under Coupons Menu item. Some other minor improvements.

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Fixed — a bug on settings page stylesheet. Added — a new metabox to show the shortcodes when coupon is published. Added — custom admin notices to show the shortcodes when coupon is published.

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Added — links to admin toolbar so users can access them from anywhere. Added — an introduction page to show when plugin is activated. Fixed — a conflict with Visual Composer back end editor. Added — the option to insert only coupon code shortcode from inserter. Added — the coupon only shortcode to admin columns in coupons list. Fixed the issue of opening two links if same coupon exists in post and widget in the same page. Added conditional loading for scripts. Added template loader to load widget and shortcode. Minor code improvements. Changed the shortcode design. Settings page improvement.

There's also a free basic version if you need something functional with less capabilities! WooCommerce Discount Rules enables you to run simple to complex promotions like bulk discounts, Buy 1 get 1 free offers, user role based discounts, conditional discounts based on categories, products, variants, attributes, cart contents, order total and purchase history.

So the discount applies automatically when the customer adds 5 quantities to the cart without needing to applying a coupon. However, you also have the option of making a discount rule to work when a specific coupon is applied. A great advantage of this plugin is that it lets you create the discount rules in three simple steps and uses a wizard like interface. And the plugin lets the customers see the available discounts right on the product page and also in the cart page. There's also a free version if you don't need all the advanced functionality. Coupon Creator is an easy to use WordPress plugin that utilizes a coupon custom post type with a few simple settings to configure.

From there, all you have to do is generate a coupon shortcode using the WordPress editor shortcode inserter and place the coupon on any post or page you want. Coupons will display until the defined expiration date, less you choose to ignore an expiration and let the coupon fail to expire. With Coupon Creator you can also create and display WooCommerce specific coupons, take advantage of the quick and bulk expiration date functionality, enable a Print View for customers who wish to print and use your coupon in person, and even set a coupon counter so a particular coupon can only be used a specific number of times before expiring.

Code Shop for WordPress is a powerful coupon plugin that allows you to sell coupons, vouchers, and licenses directly on your website. It links seamlessly with payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize. Net, and Stripe, and inserts easily into any WordPress page using a shortcode. In addition, it accepts bitcoins using Blockchain. As an easy way to monetize your current website, Code Shop for WordPress allows for unlimited campaigns, has fixed price support, delivers coupons, vouchers, or license codes via email, and translates into many languages for reaching a global audience and generating more revenue.

This offers website owners an excellent opportunity to build their Facebook and Twitter audiences while expanding their brand to new customer bases. This plugin also supports additional premium apps such an email list builder for increasing subscribers, a Live Chat function with Slack for aiding customers with questions and concerns, and it even comes with a Conversion Popup with each account. Lastly, you can offer recurring or one-time use offers, create custom targeting rules, and receive unlimited conversions.

WooCommerce Volume Discount Coupons is another WooCommerce extension for providing automatic discounts and coupons to site visitors based on the number of products they have in their cart. In addition, to aid in making sure your customers see the available discounts, this plugin shows discounts directly on products in the checkout section for customers to visually see their savings. Set discounts and coupons to appear based on minimum or maximum purchase amounts.

In addition, apply coupons to specific categories of products as well to boost purchases. Altogether, all you have to do is insert a simple shortcode and watch your customized discounts appear. Ninja Popups is a unique popup system that allows you to add coupons to the popups that display to site visitors. For example, create your coupon popup using the exclusive drag-and-drop visual editor, and even take advantage of over 60 new popup themes for added inspiration and creativity. It enables you to display coupons in separate archives and display single coupon on any article using the shortcodes.

Best WordPress Coupon Plugins to Display Amazing Coupons

If you have knowledge of using shortcodes in widgets then it can also display widget coupon. Its archive layout is similar to WP Coupons. Though it does not have all features of WP Coupons, a free plugin has lots of features to consider. This is an awesome plugin that has extra features like the ability to like a coupon, unlike coupon, share coupons on social medias etc.

Magic WP Coupons is the perfect plugin to create an awesome coupon website. JC Coupon is another awesome WordPress coupon plugin. You can set expiry date or custom text for expiry. Coupons, when passing their expiry date, will not show up. You can use shortcodes on pages and posts. This plugin is useful for those who want to display limited coupons on their site. You can play with the tool and share how the tool works.

Why no to attract visitors by using pop-up of coupons. Show desired coupon pop up at desired page to the desired visitors. What you can do is simply setup the plugin with suitable deals, display those popups to your visitors. And finally, see your income growth. Thrive Leads is not actually a coupon plugin.

It is a lead generation plugin but also can be used to display coupon pop-ups.