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It's a blast from the past but absolutely worth the visit; if you simply like cold beer, delicious pizza, and to bowl. It's a more older bowling alley but for the price, it's a steal. We got to know the manager over time with the league this summer and he's helpful, cares about his customers, and likes to have fun with everyone. It's a good group of people. I also recommend the leagues as well. After taking part in the summer league, I came back for the fall. I bought a bowling bowl. Mike who works as their pro shop manager was helpful and insightful in helping me understand the difference with bowling balls and how some are made differently.

He also talked to me about hand placement and the difference it makes when you bowl and so on. I never expected to learn so much but I'm glad he made the time for me. He even gave me a quick bowling lesson as part of my purchase. He knows his stuff and now I know how to hook a ball. I'm so happy to have found this bowling alley. I hope you give them an opportunity for your business. If you want the more updated and more expensive bowling, check out Funway. If you just like to bowl and have a good time, Wheaton Bowl is a perfect strike.

The guy working the counter is a rude grumpy old man needs to retire. Lanes don't score right half the time balls get stuck and don't come back unless u get help. The bowling balls have a better personality than the staff If you don't want to work at a bowling alley then go somewhere else- don't but don't be rude to your nice customers Talk about a blast from the past!!! This place hasn't been updated; ever.

Pretty much what you see is what you get here. I can't even tell you the staff is nice. The one guy behind the shoe counter looked like he didn't want to be there; he didn't great us with a hello or anything. This place has a case of the triple D's - Dimly lit, damp, and dirty. I prayed as I walked past the lockers in the front of the place to go to the bathroom. It looked like someone could easily kidnap me or worse. Did not feel safe. The lanes are not all waxed and you can clearly tell the difference from one lane to the next. My team of four had to move from our lane 28 because the reset was just not working, so they put us on lane 24, and we could tell that we had to put in more effort to bowl.

I am happy I won't be returning any time soon; they need to bulldoze this place and start over again - ick. We came here for 3 games and our lane was mis-scoring over and over on game 1. We had to request to move lanes. Then the power went out on our game and they couldn't get us to another lane because none of them were working and open.

We were in the middle of our second game when this happened and they refunded us for only 1 full game and prorated the refund for a second game only after we pointed out that refunding for only one game was unacceptable. They really should have refunded at least two games considering the circumstances plus we paid for rental shoes for only 1 full game.

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This place needs a serious upgrade and to understand better customer service. Even though this is the closest bowling alley to our house, we won't be back. Would love to give this place zero stars but I can't. Nasty ineffective staff except for one incredibly nice woman with long hair and glasses. There were lanes open but because the kitchen was backed up they gave priority to those without the Groupon.

Everybody else had to wait. Even with open lanes. No one seemed to know what they were doing and management seemed really surprised that so many people were there in a Friday afternoon Maybe staff up, or put people where they are needed and NOT have 5 clueless, angry workers handling shoes. How about someone behind the bar? Or maybe more than one person making food? Gonna first say I was scared when I pulled up on a Friday night to see it so dead. Me and the girl I was training were like should we leave. But the group of clients would have been devastated. So we continued in after we found the entrance.

Which is in the back. Pizza was good and the place was clean. The Groupon was a awesome deal for 6 people. Really gave them a great night out thank- you! Had to wait 30 Min for a lane Used a Groupon to get a pizza and drinks. When we turned around, our drinks were gone. Bowling technology from the s. Probably not coming back here again. I came here today with a friend and we liked the bowling but the cleanliness of the place was not on-pointe. I made the mistake of using the bathroom because it was insanely gross what a gross place There's a new wave of bowling alleys out there that have all of the contemporary trimmings.

Wheaton Bowl isn't one of them. This is an old-school bowling alley. The rest is bowling. While some might be turned off by their un-modern look, I like the place because no matter what time or what day I want to bowl, this place always has an open alley for the non-league guys like me. About the only drawback is the help. They aren't what I'd call overly friendly. Bowling prices are consistent with most in the 'burbs.

We love this place. Great place to take the family to reconnect and just have fun. Clean, price is right, and we've always been able to get a lane right away. LOVE the retro feel - in a world that constantly has technology in our faces, it is so nice to have that at a minimum. Special thanks to Jackie for all her help at our last visit for accommodating late comers and lane changes - you're a dear! Sure it's outdated but bowling is as about as fun as the people you are with!

So have fun and enjoy the pizza! Oh my, oh my, oh my. Walking into Wheaton Bowl is like walking back in time. But not in a good way. In a time when there are tons of bowling allies that offer up to date technology, good food and drinks, and fun atmosphere; places like Wheaton Bowl shouldn't exist any more.

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On the plus side, it's inexpensive. On the negative side, it's cheap. The first lane we set up on was all messed up and we had to change lanes after about 10 frustrating minutes of trying to figure out who's turn it was. It's been a while since I've been bowling, but I'm pretty sure the shoes shouldn't be so slippery people fall over. I saw a couple people fall over. That's sad, dangerous, and possibly comical. I don't think I'd go back to Wheaton Bowl again.

Unless someone was paying me to and didn't make me bowl, and brought along food for us. And maybe a tv or wifi connection so I could watch tv. Yeah, pretty much just don't go there. This place is getting some poor ratings that are totally undeserved. We went with six people on a Saturday night and had a great time. Wheaton Bowl wasn't sold out but it was well-populated with an assortment of customers that looked like a nice cross section of people from the area.

Although no more than an old fashioned bowling establishment, it was clean and in no way smelled of cigarettes. If we had a problem with a pin jam or a scoring problem it was taken care of quickly and with a smile.

The employees at Wheaton Bowl were very friendly and helpful. I will be back!!! I'm a member of a league there. They are so slow at updating scores. There technology is very outdated, the lanes seriously need to be redone. The bartender is very friendly, staff is pleasant. The guy at the counter is nice when he is not on the phone. No bad cigarette smell. The pizza is terrific!! This place seriously needs to upgraded, so old!!

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In a world where all entertainment is so expensive and everyone is tied to their smart phones and video games, it was refreshing to find a fun afternoon's worth of entertainment that didn't break the bank. Where the beer is cold and the staff is friendly and helpful. We had a great time at the Wheaton Bowl.

I sure wish I could put zero stars. I have been coming here for years, ever since I was a kid. Wheaton Bowl has been a wonderful place to hang out with friends. However, nearly every time I have come in the past 3 years, I have had to deal with the manager, Mark Gissy. This gentleman has never been kind or pleasant to me or my friends.

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I understand that high schoolers have a tendency to be rowdy, but my friends are anything but. Tonight, when we're here, a group of 12, we each bought two games.

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Throwing spares and strikes ain't easy. Follow these bowling tips and you'll learn how to bowl better than your friends at your next outing. Do you know the difference between duckpins and candlepins? If not, our guide to the different types of bowling might be up your alley. Main menu Open search menu. Bowling in Wheaton, IL. Categories Things To Do Running and Fun Runs How to Bowl Better: