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It has so far been a game changer and helping my shoes have a longer lifespan, which is better for my wallet, the environment, etc… thank you! Charles Richey — March 6, Well worth the price and I will buy them again. Kevin — February 1, Susan Kelleher — January 10, Insoles work amazing, I got them and I thought it was strange they had a rise where the palm of your foot was, but now I know exactly why.

They absorb so much impact from skating on the balls of your feet. I skated in my old skate shoes that I thought had good insoles and they were beating up my feet. Then I put the terje game changers in the next day and I felt like all these year I have been living in the stone age without these haakonsen gamechangers.

I put them in some in some leather dress shoes and they felt like skate shoes. Cant live without them anymore. Sakoun — December 30, I like the soles. I slipped them in some new shoes I had just for wearing. It felt ok. I thought I might have had to reshape it or something. But when I put them in my skate shoes that are really blown out and got a hole from flip tricks.

The soles made me feel like I had cushion and something solid under my feet again. Michael Bentley — December 28, Finally a shoe insert that is not only comfortable, but seems to be working as my feet feel much better. My legs also feel better. Chandler — December 27, Fp you knocked it out with this product I wanst expecting this great of quality but wow my back has felt feat after warring these and the board feel is crazy good, I can scoop tre flips with ease great job guys these are a def buy!!!

Jesse Tamez — December 11, Peter — December 3, I have flat feet and used to have a lot of pain in my feet when I skated. With the game changes I can skate longer and not have to take breaks to rest my feet. These are great and will definitely buy them again! Christopher — April 23, At first when I got these, It said nothing about the little heel pads but I just put them on before heating them up.

So I heat them up for about 7 to 10 minutes and put them in…. I start walking and it feels like nothing is happening, then I go outside with one of my friends and we start skating for 5 HOURS. Anthony — April 30, For a while, my feet had been aching from extended periods of skating. My arches especially would hurt over time. Eventually I could only skate at the most less than an hour at a time. These insoles have helped my feet tremendously.

I no longer get sore feet! You can really feel the arch support with the gamechanger insoles. Definitely worth the buy. Edber blanco — March 14, Processing was so fast that my insoles literally shipped within two hours of paying.

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The borders come up slightly short but not so much that it creates friction on the bottom of your feet. Garrett — January 20, I own both Gamechangers and Gamechangers Lite. First let me start by saying both pairs of insoles are amazing. I have nothing but praise for these insoles and this company and I have not recommended a product to more people than these insoles. I had worn skate shoes my entire life with the flat insoles so my arches never had any kind of support so I when I first heat molded them it took my foot some getting used too because of the new found support.

I was a little iffy on them at first but once they broke in and my foot got used to them I was convinced I would never wear a shoe without FP insoles again. I also use these for skating and the impact absorption is great and landing primo honestly feels like nothing. I have the regular Gamechangers currently in my snowboard boots since I tend to go bigger on snow and need the extra impact absorption.

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The Gamechangers have an extra layer of Kingfoam on top while the lites do not. They both mold the same and they both feel great but I like the way the Gamechangers feel more, they feel a bit more soft than the lites. With the old insoles my foot would slide around a bit and I would have some heel lift but with FP insoles my foot no longer slid, the heel lift was reduced and the boot fit more snug in general. The impact absorption is great though, hardly feel anything from jumps.

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The insoles are super comfortable and continue to get more comfortable as the day goes on. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone. The heat molding is amazing and the insoles are just so incredibly comfortable. If not still get the lites because it is still an amazing insole. Keep on rockin guys.

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Carlos M. Thank you for this product. It gives me the support I need. Dustin — December 30, These insoles are great. James — December 19, Ken — December 28, These insoles are literally named for the perfect desription. They have fixed all the issues I have been having with my knees and my feet. February 12222 Coupon Codes

Will definitely be buying more in the future. Collin — September 15, Thomas — February 13, When I started to skate again I began to have horrible pain in my knees instantly. So thanks footprint. Jeff — July 7, I have these in my skate shoes and everyday shoes. Expires 15 February Expires 01 January Shop Now! Expires 10 April The era of using online coupons is here, and it's only going to get better. We've created this great website to help you save on nearly everything you buy online. Take advantage of these great offers from SHOP.

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