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When you see a menorah this Hanukkah, look deeply into its lights.

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If you look carefully enough, you can find a timeless message in its eight candles. The small Jewish army known as Maccabees were greatly outnumbered and out-armed by the mighty Syrian-Greek army. With fierce determination, a lot of faith and plenty of prayers, the Maccabees succeeded in defeating the occupying army.

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Teach your children that nothing is impossible. The Jewish people had been forbidden to fulfill the commandments and study the Torah under the penalty of death, yet the children were undeterred. When the Greek soldiers approached, they hid their scrolls and began playing with dreidels until it was safe to resume their learning.

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  8. Without our children continuing our ways and passing on our traditions, we have no future. Instill your beliefs in your children, make them feel proud of who they are and where they came from.

    Then they will know where they are going. A woman, Yehudit, played a pivotal role in defeating the Greeks when she infiltrated the enemy camp and beheaded the powerful general Halifornus, leaving the army in disarray. We each have something to contribute to the world. Find your mission and role in life and do your best to fulfill it.

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    After defeating the Greek army, the Maccabees returned to Jerusalem to clean and rededicate the Holy Temple. They found only a small amount of pure oil to light the menorah, not enough to last until more could be made. Yet, a miracle occurred: There are miracles around us all the time. Some miracles are hidden and others are in the open. Open your eyes and see them. The menorah is lit at night. Go into a dark room and light a candle. Coupons

    It's amazing how far that little light spreads. Be a candle; light up the world around you. Jump on these deals as soon as possible, because there's no guarantee that they'll be around next week, next month or even tomorrow!

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    1. Never underestimate the underdog.

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